9 Eylül 2014 Salı


With the widely known serial documentary of National Geographic (aka Doomsday Preppers-DPs) the concept of prepping and survivalizm now become known by the countries that even heard of them. As the show made it on air the Turkish audience was shocked as they are shown the examples of USA citizens that sacrificed their money (in too many cases lots of money), their living styles and (even on the extreme cases) their common sense.

Even though living on an earthquake zone that covers %95 of the country land area, the Turkish people ignored the concept of prepping and forgot the reality of other disasters (like flood which become a standard on Turkish cities due to unplanned urban construction). The Turkish/Islamic culture which lacks the value of human life, preparation and planning causes people to live their lives in utter ignorance about their future.

Understanding this life style of the Turkish people, when they saw some people on the DPs mentioning how they stocked ten years worth of toilet paper or two years of peanut butter, or converting their backyard to a Forward Operation Base (FOB). This also includes batmobile style bug out vehicles (which costs hundred thousand dollars in Turkey even stripped naked due to high taxes) or custom designed shelters buried into middle of no where (as real estate property prices skyrocketed in Turkey which has ~%8 of USA area and 3 times more crowded per km^2 than USA)…

However this has to change and Turkish people have to become a special type of preppers as the earthquakes of 1999 and the more recent Van earthquake at 2011 make it clear that we need to be prepared in a different way.

Considering lots of the population in Turkey lives in big cities and in apartments (like New York) and have much less disposable income, Turkish people must prepare in a different way and scale than a typical American. Maybe we can call it not a doomsday prepping but disaster prepping…

By the way this is the first English article of my blog. My blog aims to warn Turkish people about disaster preparedness and since lots of Turkish people does not know English, most of my Turkish content is actually translation of general prepper theory or practices to this language. However I want to discuss general things about disaster or apartment prepping with world wide preppers (especially Europeans since the way of city culture is more like in Turkey) in English…

Thank you for reading my blog.

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