6 Kasım 2014 Perşembe

Recommendations for apartment prepping Part2

An idea that i think about is buying some baggages (or using what you already have) for storing food (especially canned ones). That is because first instead of buying new furniture that allow you to store something baggages are more cheaper at discount stores. Second they have already build to carry things around cramped, tight or crowded places so they have handles and wheels. So changing place of your food prepations within or outside of your apartment is easier. Thirdly lets say you already got a closet and bottom of it is empty. You can put your food baggage to that place easily. So finding a place to put a luggage is easier then finding a place for a furniture.

We have covered somethings about food and water. By the way for water there are some products that you can use to store water in your bathtub. however they are not available in Turkey (and lots of other countires). Also with the popularity of shower cabins even you can find such products, you may not employ them.

And one more thing about food. If you need to cook or warm the food for eating you also make multiple backups for cooking tools. You must have an electrical heater and oven (they are best since they are smokeless and easily controllable) but also need to store a few propane tanks for heating lots amount of water (for hygiene) and if there is a loss of electricity.

Also you may want to store plastic dishes and cups to eliminate cleaning dishes to conserve water.

I will write more about shelters at part 3.

have nice day.

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