31 Ekim 2014 Cuma


The recent Ebola Outbreak made it clear that  "the concept of isolation" to many people living in crowded cities within cramped apartments or condos is a dream...

While people WHO are living in suburbs and rural areas already enjoy a more isolated life style, it is more important to understand that due to their long commute times to shopping places they tend to stock more items. Hence not only they already enjoy an isolated life style apart from the city crowd, but also they have the option to increase the duration of that isolation more easily (since they got big cars or trucks, garages or attics ready for storage, yards etc).

However living in a tiny apartment/condo in a city center not only limits you in storage area wise but also on shopping behaviour. You buy less stuff, don't care for whole sales. Sometimes due to using public transportation or bicycles or motorcycles you have limited baggage capacity so need to buy less stuff more frequently. Or stay in a really old apartment that does not have an elevator or a broken one that has not fixed for months so you can not carry much stuff to your place. Well, cases can be further diversified. But as you see apartment life not only cost your isolation at your home stay but also your ability to be isolate yourself. So please do not forget to store some supplies that can last for a week or ten days.

please consider having some baggage and store them with dry food (like pasta or cans) and  purified or spring water for a week. since baggages have wheels and handles you can store them easily even if you have to change their places for your Daily needs.

have a nice day...

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